Proven Creativity We make Innovative Wood Chipper and Stump Grinder Products

Auto Feed Plus has been serving tree service companies for more than 23 years. We learned a lot about patent and trademark law as well as major companies and how they operate. However, we never changed our mission.

Our business is dedicated to providing affordable reversing controllers to our customers. We also offer excellent service to tree care professionals at fair prices.

Always Ready to Serve

Our company is open seven days a week. We accept calls at any time.

Proven Creativity

We’ve designed the most reliable and rugged controllers for stump grinders and tree chippers you can get.

When you buy from us, we will share our knowledge and experience of machinery upkeep and operation with you as long as you own the equipment. This is free technical help.



We charge a fair price for the original Auto Feed Plus® for tree chippers. This includes a 5-year warranty.

We also charge on a wireless remote control for a stump grinder, tree chipper, waste recycler, or biomass machine.

Technical Support

Contact Kurt Snider to keep your machine up and running, with no extra costs or hidden fees. We will connect you with our tech support department for application assistance and more information.